You can lose weight while raising your kids and growing your business.

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Living You is all about empowering mompreneurs to lose weight and live the life they desire. Why pick and choose between raising your kids, growing your business, and losing weight? You can do it all.

Weight Loss Tools

Weight loss is tough. Trying to lose weight on your own is even worse, add your kids, spouse, and your business to the mix, it is even worse. Having the right tools will give you the support you need for success. You are already investing in your family and your business, now it is time to invest in yourself. Investing in life-changing tools is just a click away.

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About Me

I’m a homeschooling, stay-at-home mom who is empowering mompreneurs to stop quitting on weight loss and begin losing weight so they can raise their kids, grow their business, and live the life they love.

Living You

Founded in 2010 by Jessica Silhavy, Living You, has helped mompreneurs lose weight, gain more energy, more focus, and more freedom so they can raise their kids and live the life they desire while growing their business.

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