How I’m Going To Get Better At Completing My To-Do Lists

   I make these all the time, the only problem is I keep adding to them and rarely complete anything.  I complete things, just not those on my to-do list, then I get bummed because I am not feeling that sense of accomplishment.  I am going to create a new to-do list.  It will kind of be a perpetual list, that includes all of my reverse engineering, daily tasks, and to-do’s that come up through out the day.  Eventually I will be putting this on a smartphone, since I do not have one now (it’s something I am researching so I can buy the best one for me) I am going to use my PDA.  Yes, it’s old but it still works, plus I still use it for my schedule.  I already look at it at least once a day.
   I am going to try creating my list in the morning after my workout to see how that time of day works out for me.  After all, this is a new habit that I am trying to form.  When forming new habits it is best to do the task in the same place at the same time.  I give my dog his treats at the same time in the same place every day, doesn’t it make sense that I would do the same to create new habits as well.
   Next week I will try the evenings before bed to see which time works best for me.  One will work better.

What are your thoughts? Share them below, I love your feedback.

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