How To Make The Perfect To-Do List

 To have the best to-do list, you need to do a “braindump” onto a piece of notebook paper.  This is the list you make every day at the same place and time.  Once you have everything written down, things that need to be done, things that you would like to get done and those things that maybe could be done, organize them.  Put them into one of four categories: Today, This Week, This Month, This Year.
    The Today list is where you put all those things that must, must, must be done.  The hardest part for me here is all the stuff I want to add because, “I would like to get that done today,” or “It would be cool if I did that today.”  When these thoughts follow, or precede, the item then it needs to go onto your This Week list.  This way you will get the important things done today and if you have time, you can move onto them.  
    Your This Week list is where you put all the stuff that either needs to be done by the end of the week, or would be cool if it got done.  I like this idea; this thought process makes it so much simpler for me and my list so much more doable.  I feel really accomplished as I’m checking things off my list.
     Then comes the This Month list, which is very similar to the This Week list, but could definitely be done at a later date.  Last, but not least comes the This Year list.  These are all the things that you would like to do in the next 12 months.  Remember, though, this is not for goals, just things you would like to do if you have time.
      Once you have everything categorized, you will have a very comprehensive list and a direction in which to go from where you are.  Remember the Today list should begin with three steps from your business goal and three steps from your health goal.
       My list for today contained 3 items from each my research or first business and health goals list, plus my during business and health goal list, then a few items that needed to be done today.  These extra items involved buying a coat for L, doing dishes, cleaning out the litter box. 
       It is okay to add to any of your lists through out the day.  I added a couple of items to my This Week list as they popped into my head during the day.
       Having my lists organized and prioritized is definitely giving me a less stressful day.  Keeping track of it all on my PDA is helping too.  I was definitely one to use sticky notes or any random piece of paper I found…they get lost really easily.  Also, sitting down and making the list in the morning helped me plan my day so I knew exactly what had to be done instead of just guessing.

Thank you Chalene Johnson www.chalenejohnson.com for these wonderful tips.  They are helping me a ton.

What are your thoughts? Share them below, I love your feedback.

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