The Smile Energy: The Easiest Way to Create Positive Energy All Around You

Smiling is a simple way to create a positive energy around you and others.  Do you ever notice how when you smile at someone they always smile back?

Smiling is a natural reflex that has so many health benefits.  A simple smile can do so much to make you and the next stranger just a bit healthier.  Here are my top 10 reasons to smile:Sean jackson - smile

  1. Smiling makes you more attractive!  Some research shows that smiling actually makes you more attractive  to the opposite sex.
  2. Smiling can help you land a job!  Along with the attire you wear, putting on a smile makes you seem more confident, likeable, and stable.
  3. Smiling is universal!  Smiling is a common language that all cultures share.
  4. Smiling can cause others to judge you as a better person!  That is right, when you smile you are perceived as more pleasant, sociable, competent, and sincere.
  5. Smiling can lead to laughter!  Laughter is great for enjoying life, burns a few extra calories and makes you even happier than you were before.
  6. Smiling can help you de-stress!!!  That is right!  Smiling makes you happier, which in turn makes you feel less stressed.
  7. Smiling can make you happy even when you are sad!  The simple act of smiling sends happy feelings to  your brain.  Try it sometime when you are having a bad day; put on a smile.
  8. Smiling can keep you from being sick!  Happy people are do not get sick as often as unhappy people.
  9. Smiling can make others happy!  Since your actions are connected to your happy feelings, when you smile at some one they automatically smile back.  Even if they were not happy before, they become happy for that moment, which can have a huge impact on their life.
  10. Smiling, simply makes you feel good!  Smiling sends endorphins to the brain, which are feel good chemicals naturally produced by your body.

Everyone wants to feel good!  One way to bring back your smile is to complete a workout that you love.  Schedule your complimentary Get Me Started call to figure out what workout will make you smile.

What are your thoughts? Share them below, I love your feedback.

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