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How I Changed My Weight Loss Obstacles into My Weight Loss Benefits

There are a ton of things that have not worked for me in the past.  
  • Trying to change everything at once
  • Hating to workout b/c I did not want to have huge muscles or because I dreaded the activity
  • Deciding that I had failed the first time I didn’t stick to my plan
  • Being certain that it was genetic and I could not do anything about it
  • Believing it was what I deserved
  • Saying “If I can’t do it right & perfect, why even bother.”
  • Believing I’m not as good as others
  • Believing that I am not worthy
  • Being too overwhelmed
All of these are thoughts and actions I took when I first tried losing weight.  Over the years I have become able to train myself to think positively about losing weight.  I learned that I should break things into smaller goals and focus on healthy habits one step at a time.  
I learned that every day is it’s own day, and even if I do not think I did well that ONE day, I was fine because I do my best every other day.  You hear that?  I do my best every day, so one day of inconveniences are okay.  I know I will survive and that every thing I have accomplished is still there.  I learned that I make a plan as a guide, but life does happen so I leave room for life.  I have also learned that by changing to healthy habits, I feel better about myself.  I can do just as well as others…oh wait…I don’t compare myself to others, I just try to improve upon myself.  I am “me” why should I compare myself to anyone but me.  This journey is really about progress & action rather than perfection.  I came to that conclusion about my weight loss, health & fitness.
Wow!  I learned all that…except, now that I’m working on other goals all those same thoughts and actions are coming back.  Why?  I’m really not sure.  I do know that I can change them just as I did for my weight loss, health, fitness journey.   A goal for improving me, is still a goal for making a better, healthier me.
2012 will be different for me because I am beginning to work on my thought process toward my other (new) goals as well.  I want to be a healthy influence on people.  I want to share with everyone my success.  I want every to know that they can have success as well.  I will break down all my goals into small, manageable steps.  Each step will become a daily action.  I will reach my goals stress free.  I will reach my goals by striving for progress each day rather than perfection.  
ENERGY is my guiding word this year.  Each step I take will give me momentum in building my energy.  I thrive off energy that I create when I reach great accomplishments.   In 2012 every day is going to be an accomplishment for me!  I will grow personally, financially, spiritually, & healthily.  Each day I will be one step (maybe two) closer to my goal.

What are your thoughts? Share them below, I love your feedback.

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