Why Lose the Weight?

     This entry actually came from a simple question posed on one of my sparkteams about what motivated me. Well, my answer turned out a little more intense that I had originally intended it to be. 
     I think it is completely okay for goals and reasons to change over time; as I get to know and understand myself more, I think the truth gets deeper and deeper. 
     I knew I was tired of being fat as well, and wanted to change some of the medical problems that run in my family. Most of my family is over weight and I thought is was time for someone to change that. Also, a secret I have is that I have always wanted to be the same size as my brother. I have always, always been a large person. My brother is two years younger than I am, but we have the same build….yes, I have lost out on all the curves, except the fat rolls. I was always bigger that him and knew I didn’t have to be, I just didn’t know how to fix it. I felt a ugly and fat my whole childhood and into my adult life, it was definitely time for a change. 
      I have gained so much knowledge and hope. I have began to realize that I can do this and be able to live any dream I have. I have found my confidence and have almost gotten to the body that matches my personality. It is definitely all about taking it one day at a time, having the support and reading up on new articles and information. Some of my reasons have changed.  I started wanting to lose weight for vanity reasons.  Along the way it changed to creating more confidence, motivation and accomplishments in my life.  Now I am wanting to be healthy for the family that I will some day have, show others that it can be done while helping them along the way.  I now have also come to consider this healthy lifestyle a hobby and am always looking for new ways to improve on it. 
     The first step I took was to absorb all the knowledge I could, then I moved on to get certified as a personal trainer, and now I am still working toward a goal of toning up and losing those last few inches while helping others a long the way. I try to lead as an example and want others to see that it can be done…I have faith in all of you.  I want to make it a healthier world, one person at a time.
      Answering the question, “Why do I want to lose the weight?” is the biggest step in your journey. Once you have figured out (and listed) all the reasons you want to lose the weight, setting goals to get there is a little easier, they also seem more achievable.  The reasons give you a focus, a way to give yourself that little extra push.

What are your thoughts? Share them below, I love your feedback.

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