Calories In versus Calories Out – What Does it Mean?

     The whole weight loss process is about calories in versus calories out.  At least the physical
part of losing weight is, anyway.  This can definitely be a struggle for many, especially when you are told, “You have to eat to lose weight.”
Even though it may seem counter-productive, it is very true.  The average woman needs to consume at least 1200 calories and the average man needs to consume at least 1400 calories.
With this being said, let me also explain that this is only true if you plan on having a lethargic day without any exercise.  When you add in exercise or intense exercise (exercise that is more than 30 minutes in duration or a heart rate at or above 65% of your maximum heart rate for 20 minutes or more) you need to consume more.  Every half hour that you plan on exercising, I truly recommend adding another 100 calories to your nutrition for the day.
When you begin switching your mindset from “food is just food” to “food is fuel,” you will see how this becomes more and more true.
This is because your body will burn at least 2300 calories completing your daily routine of getting up, getting dressed, eating, going to work, and just breathing.  In your physical makeup this is already a deficit of 1000 calories.  Any “working out” you do is even more.

What are your thoughts? Share them below, I love your feedback.

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