The Connection Between Processed Food and Weight Gain

There is a connection with processed foods and weight gain. The more you eat TV-dinners, hot dogs, and other junk food on a daily basis, the more you are exposing yourself to these chemical preservatives which are NOT healthy to your body.

When a natural ingredient (such as soy or corn) is being processed, the texture is changed and the nutritional values are diminished to minimal levels. Processed food does not contain the normal healthy ingredients. As such, the overall intake of foreign chemicals and mixture harm your health, although the overall fat amount might be lower. High fructose corn syrup, processed grains, refined sugars and other similar food stuffs are highly dangerous to your health because these deadly, processed ingredients (although the food package might say, ”Diet food”, ”Health food,” “Light”) increase your body fat percentage. Thus, the more you eat all these processed “health foods”, the higher the chances are that your intake on preservatives on a daily basis exposes you to a variety of health issues over a period of time.

Processed meat is the worst kind of food and you should be avoiding it at any cost. These foods contain the highest levels and combinations of chemicals. Consequently, processed meats can cause colon and kidney failure and/or weight gain due to the high amounts of sodium and other chemicals.

What are your thoughts? Share them below, I love your feedback.

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