Weight Loss

What Is Your Metabolism and How Do You Strengthen It?

Metabolism is a function of the liver. Its purpose is to break down the fat. The liver also purifies the kidneys. Water purifies the kidneys and consequently, with the right water intake, you can take the workload off of the liver by giving enough water to your kidneys.

This ensures that your metabolism is being helped by the water consumption and ensures a smooth ride.

If you are overweight, then you might suffer from a fatty liver. It’s very dangerous because the liver is the cleanser of your body. Blood runs through it and it cleans the toxins out of your body.

Even small a small drop in body fat percentage can have a huge impact on your health. It has been researched that women who lost only 9% of their body weight were able get rid of fatty liver.

Metabolism is positively affected by following this healthy diet & fitness plan

• drink lots of water daily

• eat many meals per day (5-6 small meals a day is the key: healthy fats, whole grain carbohydrates and lean cuts of meat or other sources of protein)

• exercise at least 10 minutes a day to build up some muscle

• eat protein rich foods (remove white bread + pasta, kill sugary products, or other highly processed products)

• daily walk of 30-60 minutes

You now have a few tips on how to increase your metabolism; stick to them and you will be able to see a loss, rather than a gain, in weight.

Low metabolism is not innate either. That is a widely spread myth that people believe. Low metabolism is affected by many factors which a healthy person can control easily. There is just a little bit of self-discipline required.

If you eat sugary snacks on a daily basis, there is a good chance that the high sugar level in your blood is causing your metabolism to function at a very low level. However, this is not your only problem; you’re also in risk of developing diabetes. The consumption of unnecessary junk, rather than fresh and lean foods, causes your body to go into conservation mode and consequently it stores fat and burns less calories.

So you should make your number one goal getting your metabolism sky high so that your body does all the work instead of you TRYING to lose weight with weird and expensive gimmicks (pills, some weird massage machines) that don’t work.

Keep things simple, and understand how your body works and make decisions that are beneficial to your health and overall body image.

Eating a healthy diet where you eat many times a day, drink more water, and exercise enables you to make your metabolism run higher and break down the fat in the liver. The better your metabolism is, the more weight you will lose. People with good metabolisms eat a healthy, well balanced diet.

Follow the plan and you can lose weight on autopilot.

What are your thoughts? Share them below, I love your feedback.

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