Lose Weight with These 5 Simple Secrets

I want to share with you 5 of the simplest secrets I have discovered that lead to making your weight loss journey a success.  These steps are making a commitment, creating a support system, journaling daily fitness, journaling your daily food intake, and drinking water.  These may seem simple, but by implementing them into your weight loss plan you will see your goals achieved.

Making a commitment is more than just saying “I want to do this.”  It is about making a promise to yourself.  The promise needs to be thorough.  Telling someone else about the promise you are making to creating a healthier you will only strengthen your commitment.  Not only will you be committing to yourself, but someone else as well.

Creating a support system is the next huge step that will help you build a strong foundation for your success.  This system can involve family, friends, pets, teammates, rewards, anything or anyone that will help you stay focused on your commitment.

Keeping a journal of your fitness will help keep you focused.  Even adding 5 extra minutes of exercise to your day can help increase your health.  Taking the next step of writing it down and reflecting about how it makes you feel will give you the sense of accomplishment.  Write down what you do, when you do it, and how it makes you feel.  Between the feelings of being focused and accomplished you will be able to take great strides toward a healthier you.

I know I said keeping a fitness journal is very helpful, so is keeping a nutrition journal.

Does this mean you have to write everything down? Yes.  If it goes into your mouth (yes, even that little lick of frosting or that one potato chip) write it down.  Just the act of writing it down is powerful.

You will become aware of what you are eating.  The more aware you become, or just knowing that you will have to write it down, the more you will begin to say, “do I really need that?”  I know it sounds like a lot, but it’s not when it comes to creating a healthier you.  Your health is more important than anything.  Simply write down what you eat & when you eat it.  You will start to see a pattern of habits that you can change into healthier habits that lead to successful weight loss.

The fifth secret is drinking your water.  Water will play a key role in your weight loss.  It does so many different things for your body, that once you start drinking it you will miss it when you don’t.  Water helps flush unwanted toxins out of your body.  It flushes out extra nutrients.  It keeps you hydrated.  It even helps keep your energy level up.  Make sure you are drinking at least 8 cups (that’s 8 – 8oz) of water a day.  The average drinking glass is 12oz so you need to drink about 5 1/3 of those.  The average water bottle is 16 oz, so you only need to drink 4 of those.  Start drinking up.

    By implementing each of these 5 secrets into your daily routine, you will start to see a change.  You will have more energy and your weight will start to drop.  You will be unstoppable.

What are your thoughts? Share them below, I love your feedback.

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