Weight Loss Secrets – Write it Down! The 5 Things You Should Be Writing Down for Successful Weight Loss


Go out and buy a new journal or notebook and pencil.  When I started this trick, I just used old notebooks that I had laying around.  Between college and my years as a teacher, I had collected many partially used notebooks, what better way to use them.  So, if you have any old notebooks lying around, use those.

This is the number one secret that has seen me through my successful weight loss of 120 + pounds.   Not only will you see results, but you will see results in leaps and bounds.

5 things you should be writing down
1..Goals  post them where you will see them every day.  Make sure your goals are specific, measurable, appropriate, realistic, time-sensitive, evolving and reaching.  Also known as SMARTER goals.
2…Water  Start writing or making a tally mark every time you finish a glass of water.  Make a chart or download an app to your phone; there are several to choose from.   Aim for drinking 8 – 10 cups a day.  Keep in mind that 1 cup = 8oz.3…Food.  Write down the time, where, what, how much, and how many calories.

4…Exercise.  Whether you get 5 minutes or 120, write it down.  If all you have time for is 10 push-ups, that’s awesome!  Write it down.  Again write down what time, where, and what.

5…Review & Reflect once a week.  Make sure you give yourself 15-30 minutes every week to look over your journal entries.  This is the time when you can determine whether certain things worked for you or if things need to be tweaked.  By reflecting once a week you also stay focused and keep your goals updated.

By keeping track of these five things daily you will start to see a change.  You will have more energy and your weight will start to drop.  You will be unstoppable.
Do you write it down?  Share a comment below

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