Weight Loss

The Three Must Haves in Your Weight Loss Workout Plan

Every good fitness plan consists of cardiovascular endurance training, strength training, and flexibility training.  Implementing the three of these into your plan will create an extraordinarily balanced and high fat burning plan.  Within the planning of cardio, strength, and flexibility keep the acronym FITT at the top of your mind.

Frequency – How often are you going to do the particular exercise?
Cardiovascular endurance activities should be done 3-5 times per week.
Strength training activities need to be completed 2-3 days a week.
Flexibility training needs to be incorporated 3-7 (preferably 7) days a week.

Yes, this means that some days you will need to do both.  Keep in mind that as you go through the FITT thinking, you can combine exercises that will be your cardio and strength all in one.  As for the flexibility, it is also known as stretching and should be done after every workout.

Intensity – How hard are you going to perform the given exercise?
Think about what you want to accomplish with the particular workout.

If you want to improve your cardio you should be breathing pretty hard by the time you are done.  Remember cardio is what burns the excess calories.

Do you want to bulk up or just strengthen your muscles?  If you want to bulk up, use heavier weights and fewer repetitions; if you want to strengthen your muscles to increase your fat burn throughout the day, use lighter weights and more repetitions.

When doing flexibility training your muscles need to be warm.  You should feel a little discomfort during the stretch, but not pain.

Time – How long are you going to do the exercise?
What time frame are you working with and what is your goal?

With cardiovascular endurance you are going to want to aim for 10-60 minute sessions.  If you are doing 10-15 minutes, do more than one session during your day.

With Strength training you are going to focus more on repetitions and sets rather than time.  Remember to keep it slow and steady focusing on the muscle you are working while getting to the point where you just cannot lift/do anymore repetitions.

Type – What exercise are you going to do?
What do you enjoy?  What do you want to accomplish with this workout? How much time do you have?  How often are you working out?  Make sure you have variety in your routines for the best results.

Once you start using the FITT acronym to plan your workouts, you will begin to see results.  You will have variety for your body and you will know exactly what your next step is.

Do you incorporate FITT into your exercise planning?  Share in the comments below how you use this process.

What are your thoughts? Share them below, I love your feedback.

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