How to Maintain and Lose Weight During the Holidays

KClvey - holiday table

Proven techniques that have help maintain & lose weight through the holidays

What to do when there is…

1. Too much food

  • Take time to look over the food.
  • Choose your favorites
  • Eat small servings

2. Too many fat and carb loaded choices

  • Fill half your plate with vegetables, aim for the ones with fewer ingredients added to them.
  • Only choose one or two carbs.
  • Eat extra protein to help you avoid the carbohydrates.
  • Opt to take a dish to pass that you know is full of nutritional value

3.  So much great conversation that you lose track of what you have eaten

  • Decide before you go whether you are only going to eat one full plate or two half full plates.  Sometimes the two half full plates helps your brain think it’s eating more to save you from all the extra eating while you are gabbing.
  • Eat your vegetables first, then protein and then your carbs.  The vegetables and protein will fill your stomach so you do not eat as many of the carbs.
  • Fill your plate before you get into a really good conversation.

Youtube video: how to lose weight through the holidys

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