How to Create Action Steps to Reach Your Weight Loss Goals in 2021

WooHOO!  2021 is here and you have set some new goals for the year!  I imagine that many of your goals (or at least one) are related to weight loss.  Setting a weight loss goal is a great step toward being a healthier, more active you.

Now what do you do?
 1. Take the goal you have written for yourself and brainstorm all of the action steps, steps that you can take toward reaching your goal, that need to be done.  Some of these things may be done quickly while others may need some time to complete and that is perfectly okay.  Right now you are just brainstorming everything that you could possibly do to help you reach your weight loss goal, or any other goal, that you have for 2013.
Use some of the following ideas to get you started and add plenty of your own.  Your list can be as long as you want.
  • find out how much of a calorie deficit do i need to create each week
  • track to find out what my calories (BMR) per day are right now
  • find out how many calories I need to consume each day
  • research cost of body fat % testing
  • measure my body fat %
  • find out what should my body fat % be
  • create an exercise routine
  • create workouts
  • find an accountability partner
  • discover my soul mate workout
  • arrange my schedule for a.m. workouts
  • talk with someone with the same goals
  • set 2 dates to try new workouts
  • make a batch meal on Sunday/Wednesday
  • prep my food so it’s easy to grab & go
  • schedule review of health goal on calendar
  • journey reflection on health goal
  • journal exercise & nutrition
  • create journals for exercise & nutrition
  • find spot to keep track of my streaks
  • make a perpetual grocery list
2. Once you have brainstormed everything that you can do, choose the ones that work best for you.
Put a star next to the five that will be the most beneficial toward helping you reach your goal. Sometimes when we start to think about everything we can do, it can be overwhelming.  That is perfectly normal.
3. One way you can help yourself stay focused is to take out a calendar and put 3-5 of those action steps on each week.  This will keep you on track and break up your larger goal into smaller, manageable steps.  You may find that a few of them are repeated each week, such as tracking, measuring, or exercising which is GREAT!  Doing things repeatedly will create the new healthier habit in your life.What are your top 5 action steps?
Leave a comment below sharing the action steps that you are taking toward reaching your weight loss goal.

What are your thoughts? Share them below, I love your feedback.

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