5 Ways to Beat the Food Cravings

Have you ever gone to the fridge, gotten there and then stared at it?
Have you ever gone to the kitchen, opened the cupboard, closed it, then gone to the fridge and closed that too?

Do you get the feeling that you are hungry, but just do not know what you want?

Or, have you ever gotten a craving for a food that you just can not shake?

If you have been able to say “yes” to any of these scenarios, then I’m here to tell you that these instances can be changed.

These are simply habits that your body has grown accustomed to, and they can be changed.  Yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks!

The biggest trick (okay, it’s not really a trick but…) is changing your unhealthy habits into new healthier habits.

Food cravings are a major barrier in achieving the ideal weight that you have always dreamed about. No matter how much you plan your meals and exercise, food cravings can cause you to reach for that cupcake or your junk food of choice.

I know how tough this can be, cupcakes are my favorite.  Over the years, I have found a few ways to help me beat those cravings.

Here are five tips that you could use to beat your craving
1) Keep your mind occupied.  Fill your time with activities such as jogs and walks in the park or take up a class such as yoga.  Well-being of the body promotes well-being of the mind.
2) Eat well balanced meals.  Eat 5-6 meals throughout your day, 3 main meals and 2 snacks. When they say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, they were not lying. Once you skip breakfast, you begin to tell your body that you are not going to fuel it properly.  This can cause you to have cravings and hunger later that you may not be able to satiate.
3) Drink water.  Water doesn’t have any calories so you can drink as much as you want.   Isn’t that amazing?  Every time your body is crying for food, ask yourself if it is really hungry.  Sometimes our body is just beginning to dehydrate and needs water.  Since minds have used hunger to satisfy its needs for so long, it may just be confused between hunger and thirst.  Silence its demands by drinking a glass of water.
4) Keep the junk food out of the house!  You are less likely to snack on unhealthy foods if the foods are not readily available in your kitchen.  Instead, stock up on quick go-to fruits, veggies and nuts.  Have your vegetables pre-cut and ready to eat, have some dried fruit in the cupboards.  If you feel you must have junk food, save it for when you are out with friends and family…make it special.
5) Wait it out.  Ask yourself if you are really hungry then wait a few minutes.  Take some time to call a friend, read a book, go for a quick walk or take a hot bath.  Your body will slowly learn the new habits and be able to send the correct signals to your body!
Share below how you overcome your food cravings.  Do you have your own tricks?  Are you going to try some of the above tricks?


What are your thoughts? Share them below, I love your feedback.

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