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How You Can Lose Weight Without a Gym Membership: 3 reasons why you do not need a gym to lose weight

No Gym Required (part 1)

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Today I want to share with you three reasons why you do not need a gym to lose weight.

With my own weight loss journey I was able to lose 120 pounds in just 2.5 years, all without a gym. During my journey I began helping and supporting others in their own weight loss journeys once I began to lose significant amounts of weight.  I enjoyed that experience so much that I began working for a healthy living community helping others lose weight through online live classes.  While teaching these classes I discovered that my passion for guiding others on their weight loss journeys was very deep.

With little bit of encouragement my friends to follow my dream, I started Jessica Marie energy. Over the years I have helped many others discover successful weight loss on their own without ever stepping foot into the gym, just as I had done.

Now I’m going to share the three reasons why you don’t need a gym to lose weight that I have been sharing with my clients over the years.

The number one reason that you do not need a gym to lose weight is that it provides you with an excuse.

An excuse for what? Well, have you ever said to yourself:

“There isn’t a gym near me.”

“I forgot my workout clothes.”

“I don’t feel like leaving the house today.”

“I don’t have time.”

“I don’t have money.”

 I have personally used all of these excuses at one time or another, until I discovered that the gym was providing more of an excuse to not begin my weight loss journey.

Guess what? By working out somewhere else you can save all of these excuses from being used AND lose weight.

The second reason you do not need a gym is comfort.

If you are anything like I was when I began my weight loss journey, then you do not want to work out in public. I felt too fat, ugly, and like I did not fit in to the gym crowd. I was very self-conscious of my body, as I’m sure you are, and anything that put me in a position to be pointed out or made fun of, I avoided like the plague.

You need to be comfortable in your workout setting to get the best quality exercise you can.  You need to be comfortable so that you can focus on your workout rather than focusing all of your attention on the others around you and what they may be thinking.

The third reason may actually shock you it doesn’t have anything to do with exercise.

The third reason for not needing the gym to lose weight is food and nutrition.

A large factor in losing weight is how you eat and going to the gym five days a week is not going to help with that. It is true you can lose weight just by changing the way you eat.

However,  I highly want to recommend having a combination of exercise and eating well to help you lose the most weight.

Do not fear, my friends, I am not going to leave you hanging. I have just giving you my top three reasons for not needing a gym to lose the weight. Join me in my next video to discover what three questions you should ask yourself to determine the best place for you to workout.

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Until the next video think about the excuses you’ve used for not beginning your weight-loss journey and share them below.

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