CONSCIOUSNESS- My word of the year for 2014

I need to start making a conscious effort to create positive thoughts into the world.  I am going to start becoming more conscious of my everyday actions.  I want to reignite my flame, my passion, my hopes, my dreams, my life and it all begins with me becoming more conscious of my thoughts.

Right now I feel that there are so many areas in my life that need to be improved.  I have been able to improve my work/life balance.  I am going to let myself be proud of that.  It is so easy to look at the other two and say, “wow…how am I going to ever get my life into perfect balance?”  But I know that I can and it is possible.  I am going to focus more on positive thoughts, happy thoughts and thoughts of me being able to succeed.  I can, and have succeeded, at many things through out my life.  I just have to allow myself to reflect on those as good experiences and actually allow myself to praise myself, or reward myself for my successes…no matter how small.

This is something that I work with my clients on and I used to work with myself on.  I was so productive and successful when I did this.  I am going to get back into so many things that I have let slide on by over the past year.  Things that really helped me be successfully proud of myself.  These things include allowing myself time to connect with nature and my own inner self.  This is probably the biggest most important thing I can do each day to take a step forward.  I find that when I allow myself to do these two things (through my own form of meditation) I am continuous flow of consciousness that can excel at anything.  I begin to transform my whole self, I am able to write in my journal to let my thoughts just flow.  Doing this daily helps me dump my brain so that it has room.  From there I can get into what needs to be accomplished for the day and how I want the day to become.  It all relates to my thoughts and connectedness, relaxedness that I feel within myself.

I consider myself to be a “go with the flow”  optimist.  I have been finding it hard to describe myself with this lately as I have let a lot of things get to me.  Mainly because I have lost the conscious connection to my thoughts and feelings.  This to me is definitely what LoA is all about.

Hmmm…I have so just found my word for the year.  CONSCIOUSNESS!  I pick a word for the year as my focus rather than setting goals for myself.  I do set mini-goals through out the year, but they all relate to my word.  My word helps me refocus on my efforts for the day.  It helps me guide my actions.  It helps me be me to the fullest, best me that I can be.

This year CONSCIOUSNESS is that word.  I need to become more conscious of my thoughts, actions, and feelings.  This is great!  It is truly me.

This is a bit of a surprise though, as I had started with a few other choices for words and did not even think of this one.  After this little brain dump, it has come to me full force.  I have read once that the word will choose you.  I believe that whole heartedly now!

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