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5 Ways to Love Yourself This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is just around the corner, it is a day of love and gifts for those whom you love.  Unfortunately we tend to forget about loving the most important person of all YOU!!!  It is very important to show love for yourself.  Once you begin to love yourself, you will be able to see that others love you too.

Photo: Quinn Dombrowski
Photo: Quinn Dombrowski


I can attest to this from personal experience.  When I was at my heaviest of 285 pounds, I was mortified and disgusted with myself.  I felt unworthy of my love and the love of others.  I always felt that others were “out to get me” or just hated me.  I did not see how anyone could love me.  I was (in my own mind) a fat, ugly person who was very unworthy of love.  I did not blame others for not loving me because I didn’t deserve it.  It was just the way I was meant to live my life…unloved and alone.


Later I discovered that all these feelings and thoughts were myself trying to create a comfort zone around me where it was okay to be so hateful toward myself.  The thoughts were really me trying to persuade myself that it was okay to feel that bad about me.  I found a turning point where I decided to start loving myself.  Yes, it was hard but I did it anyway.


Once I started loving myself, I started finding all my good qualities.  Guess what? I also discovered that many others loved me as well.  I wasn’t as alone as I had thought I was.


Think about this…What do you love about yourself?  Name ONE thing.  No matter how dark our life seems to be, there is always that one thing we can find to love about ourselves (even if it’s just your hair, eyes, the way you care about others).  This one thing is the mustard seed that will grow into a huge abounding life full of love.


There are more ways than just one to help that seed grow.  Here are 5 ways:


1. Look at Yourself as a Whole

When we think or discuss things we do not like about ourselves, generally it is this one thing and that one thing.  All these “one things” add up to a whole.  So, instead of looking at that one part (there may be several of these) of your body that you do not like take a moment to look at your whole body.  Your body is made up of many parts that all work together.  There is not a perfect body for anyone (yes, even models have their flaws.  That is why there are so many airbrushed photos.).  Your body is a magnificent work of art, it is meant to be viewed as a whole and not a part.


2. Notice What Your Body Can Do

Our bodies work on their own.  There are many things that our bodies do without us even noticing, such as breathing or moving the proper muscles to eat and drink.  Our bodies just do these everyday tasks which we miss out on because it is so routine.  When we spend time obsessing about the things our bodies cannot do, we always come up with more because we, as humans, are over-critical of ourselves.  Besides, all that time you are wasting focusing on your soft abs or lack of endurance could be spent on other things that you need to get done like playing with your kids, enjoying a good book, or just allowing yourself some joy in life.  Focus on what you can do and do them.


3. Be Honest with Yourself

At a very young age we start looking at pictures of movie stars and models.  We want to grow up to be just like them, then when we reach that certain age and we are not them we get frustrated and begin to lose it.  This is why it is very important to be honest with yourself.  Everyone comes in different body types and activity levels.  Those movie stars and models have a lot done to their images to make them look the way they do.  Take some time to decide what you want to be able to accomplish and set yourself a goal that gets to the point that you can accomplish that task.  Maybe you want to have high energy to play with your kids; then set yourself a daily routine that allows you to exercise while you play with your kids.


4. Change the Way to Speak to Yourself

Many days find us using negative words to describe what we see or what is going on around us.  You most likely find yourself saying things like “My stomach looks disgusting,” or “My arms are too flappy,” or “I have a big butt.”  Some of these may be said in a joking manner, but even then our mind translates it into something that needs to be fixed.  Rather than using negative thoughts try positive about yourself.  The next time you catch yourself saying something mean to you (whether out loud or in your head) replace it with something positive.  You are worth it and deserve respect from yourself as well as others.


5. Wake Up Thankful for Your Body

Be thankful every morning for the body you have.  Say it out loud as you go about your routine (Thank you for my body.).  Again, at night go through the same routine and throughout your day.  We forget to be thankful for what we have, which leads us to forgetting how wonderful we truly are.  Being thankful is a great way to learn to love the body that you have.


You are truly beautiful and loved just the way you are.  Sure you may want to shed a few fat pounds and gain a little health along the way, but loving yourself right now will get you there much faster.


Do you love yourself daily? Share how below.

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