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The Busy Mom’s Secret Weapons for Staying in Balance

As busy moms we struggle for balance in our chaotic lives.  We feel the pressures of work, family, and life which can lead us to becoming overwhelmed.

My friend, Vatsala Shukla is going to share some strategies for creating balance in your life that she has learned along her own journey.

The Busy Mom’s Secret Weapons for staying in Balance

Being a Mother is one of the toughest and most responsible jobs in the world. The Mother is the centre of the Universe for the child in its formative years and while we may equate Mothers with Monsters in our teenage years, sooner or later we do realize what it took our Mothers to get us where we are. This happens either when we ourselves become Mothers or when we are much older and have the benefit of time to give us the right perspective.

It isn’t rocket science to understand that Mothers are human; they can get tired whether or not they are Careerists. Today, I’m bringing to the table some of my secret weapons to help a Busy Mom stay grounded and in balance when she feels that she is losing balance and perspective.

My secret weapons come from the science of Ayurveda and are simple but effective in managing overwhelm. Without going into a treatise of Yoga and Ayurveda, I can assure you that they work for busy professionals and work for Mums and Dads too!

Grounding Techniques

One of the easiest grounding techniques is to simply drink a glass of water. If you feel you need something more tangible and are exploring crystal therapy, then I recommend carrying a grounding buddha-159992_640crystal, like Smokey Quartz on your person.

Another easy technique for grounding which also helps to balance one’s emotions is breath work. 

This technique is based on the yoga principle of breathing to energize your body and is a beginner exercise for those who practice pranayama in yoga.

Perform this exercise seated on a chair with your back straight and feet flat on the floor or sit cross legged on the floor with your back straight.

Close your eyes and focus on your breathing.

For beginners, close your right nostril with your right thumb and breathe in deeply through your left nostril. Then close your left nostril with the ring finger of your right hand and exhale deeply through your right nostril.

We call this one set.

Repeat five sets and then slowly open your eyes. You will notice a sense of balance and energy. In addition, this exercise helps to clean up and tone the entire nervous system as well as removes mental tension and worries. The fact that proper breathing helps both the mind and the body to stay healthy cannot be emphasized enough.

Please note that for practicing this technique, both nostrils should be clear. Do not practice it if you are having a cold and your nose does not permit comfortable breathing through either nostril.

In such a case, I suggest you try another simple grounding technique which also helps to alleviate feelings of insecurity or sense of losing stability. Simply stomp your feet on the ground. Do it barefooted and if possible outdoors on lush green grass. Get the children to join in too!

Taking control of your Emotions

Sometimes, our emotions can overwhelm us. I’ve mentioned water for grounding, which works well for helping get a hold on one’s emotions. A glass of water or herbal tea is a great ally in such situations.

A Busy Mom needs to feel pampered too and a good hot bath helps. No time for that luxury? Try an excellent time efficient Chakra balancing exercise in the shower. While rubbing soap and rinsing, visualize or simply tell yourself that you are washing away all negativity, exhaustion and feelings that are not useful for you. Do it in a loving, caring manner. By the time you have towel dried yourself, you will notice a difference.

If you are in the habit of or fond of using scents and aromas, then oils such as Damiana, orris root, gardenia  or sandalwood help balance your emotions. If you feel that you are building up turbulent emotions release your pent up feeling with ylang ylang oil in your diffuser or by lighting incense sticks.

The ultimate secret tool is to find the right support group of likeminded ladies who have either gone through your experience and can guide you or find a peer group of ladies who are travelling the same path and can be fellow travellers on your journey of being the best busy Mom you can without overwhelm.

Do you have any secret weapons or tools that you use to stay grounded and in balance? I’d love to read about them in the Comments box below!

Vatsala's Profile picAbout Vatsala ShuklaVatsala Shukla, a student of Life, is an FCA from ICAEW, a Certified LIFE Coach and Master SPIRIT LIFE Coach focusing on results-oriented mid-career professionals who know that they have what it takes and yet experience the unbearable pain of a stagnant career and want to take charge of their careers without compromising their work life balance. She calls her practice Karmic Ally Coaching and her career coaching programs incorporate her 25 years of international experience working for global majors as well visualization techniques and Chakra balancing exercises to facilitate whole transformation in her clients. Vatsala shares many of her exercises and techniques at her blog The Karmic Ally Coaching Experience Blog.
Website: http://karmicallycoaching.com
Blog: http://karmicallycoaching.com/blog/

2 thoughts on “The Busy Mom’s Secret Weapons for Staying in Balance”

  1. Love that you taught on this topic. I’ve heard so many people talk about how they get overwhelmed and can’t seem to stay on target with goals and self care. Great article….sharing on my FB.

    1. I am glad that you enjoyed the post, Vatsala did a great job sharing strategies that she has found to truly help busy moms keep their balance in life.

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