9 Healthy Habits for a Healthy Halloween

Ghouls, goblins, and witches OH MY!

It is that time of year again, when we all begin to pretend we are some one we are not.    The problem with this is that we are who we are no matter what.  When you are tired of being fat and want to change your life, this holds a whole new meaning for us.

With Halloween this weekend, we can begin to get concerned.

  • How am I going to avoid gaining weight?

  • How am I going to stick to my weight loss plan?

  • How do I keep myself and my kids from eating too much candy?

The answers to these questions are actually quite simple.  The answers are simple, but using them to your advantage can be tough.  Remember that this is your weight loss journey, you are learning how to be healthy along with your family so include your husbands and kids as well.

How to avoid gaining weight this Halloween

  1. Buy trick-or-treat candy last minute.

    Wait until as late as possible to buy the candy.  You will not have it sitting around your home begging to be eaten.  Plus, you may even save some money with last minute clearance specials.


  1. Buy candy that you do not like.

    Most of the time when we buy candy for Halloween we focus on what we like.  Forget that, focus on the kids.  Whatever you buy the kids will be happy to get.  Buy your least favorite.


  1. Don’t buy candy.

    There are many options for items that you can give to trick-or-treaters that are not candy.  Buy things such as bouncy balls, stickers, and glow in the dark bracelets, kid jewelry, or Hot Wheel type cars.  The dollar stores make great options for buying in bulk.  You may become the best house on the block because other parents are trying to get healthy as well, kids do not need candy to have a fun Halloween.  Plus, when you give them a toy they are able to use it much longer and enjoy it more.

How to stick to your weight loss plan this Halloween

  1. Be sure to reach all your daily goals.

    On Halloween day make it a game to reach all of your goals from 15 minutes of exercise to 8 cups of water, or 5 fruits and vegetables to 10 minutes of me time.  Give yourself a treat if you meet all of your goals.  The treat does not have to be candy or food and it truly shouldn’t be, instead allow yourself an extra day off from exercise or buy that book you’ve been saving up for.


  1. Take a healthy snack when you go trick-or-treating.

    Take a bag of dried fruit or some trail mix. Take your favorite tea or cider.  Both you and your kids can enjoy these yummy treats while trick-or-treating to avoid all the candy and other goodies that people have out.

How to keep yourself and your kids from eating too much candy

  1. Tie several knots in your bag.

    When you get the bags of candy home, tie several knots in them.  The more knots that are in the bag will make it more difficult to open.  Who wants to waste time untying the bag?


  1. Put the bag up.

    Put the bag or candy bucket up in a high cupboard.  Out of sight tends to be out of mind.  Most kids will remember it is there, but if they have to ask each time it will keep them from asking as often because they will forget about it for a bit. 


  1. Take part of the candy to work. Have your kids pick out a bowl full of candy that they can share with others.  This is a great way to teach them to share and to get it out of the house.


  1. Make special Halloween treats.

    Let your kids help you to makes some eerie treats or orange crispy treats.  You can even make orange water or a special drink of orange juice mixed with Sprite.

Halloween does not have to cause you stress about your weight loss.  You have all the tools at your disposal, use common sense and you will stay on track.  There are other great tips such as putting the candy in the freezer or working with your kids to set up a daily allowance of candy.

Get creative this Halloween.

How do you keep Halloween healthy in your family?

What are your thoughts? Share them below, I love your feedback.

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