5 Exercise Myths that are Keeping You from Losing Weight (Myth #4)

Running on the Treadmill is the Most Effective Way to Lose Weight

I am having a great time busting these myths with you.  I hope that you get a lot of useful tips from this 5 part series.  Remember that if you ever have a question, send me an email at jessicamarieenergy@gmail.com and I will answer it.  You may even find a whole blog about it.

Over the years there have been many theories about which form of cardio is best for weight loss.


Myth:  Running on the treadmill is the best way to lose weight.

 Fact:  Any form of cardiovascular exercise will burn a large amount of body fat and help you effectively lose weight.  There is not one that is the best


In truth, there is a “best” cardio exercise for burning fat.  That cardiovascular exercise is the one that you will do on a regular basis.

There is a huge variety of cardio activities that help you burn fat, lose weight, become more fit, and improve your overall health.  The trick, or lack thereof, is to find the one that you like the best.

When searching for the cardio activity you like best, it is first important that you understand what cardiovascular (cardio) exercise is.

Cardio exercises are activities that use the large muscle groups in a rhythmic pattern.Cardio activity

To determine the best activity for you, it is important that you take a look at how long you have, what intensity level, how often, and the type of exercise that you want to include in your exercise plan.

Remember that the length and intensity of your workout are going to work together.  When we busted Myth #2: You Need to Workout in the “Fat Burning Zone” to Lose Weight, we discussed how working out at higher intensities for a shorter amount of time can be very effective for weight loss.

The frequency of your workouts are going to depend on your schedule as well.  There is a lot of debate between 3 and 5 days a week.  I recommend that if you are trying to lose weight you work out for 5+ days a week.  However, if you are working on maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle then 3 days a week will be fine.

Make your exercise plan fit into your lifestyle.  If you know that you can only dedicate 3 days a week to exercising, make them count.

The type of exercise you choose is extremely important.  This is where you discover that there are many more options than just running on the treadmill.  You want to pick an activity that you enjoy so that you will consistently complete it.

With that being said, you technically want to have at least 2 that you enjoy.  After you regularly complete an exercise your body will get used to the actions and burn fewer calories.  By using at least two different types of cardio activities, your body will continue to burn effective amounts of calories.

Some of the exercises you can choose from include:

  • Walking (outside and inside)
  • Running (outside and inside)
  • Swimming
  • Tennis (or any sport)
  • Water aerobics
  • Kickboxing
  • Step climbing

These are just a few suggestions; there are many more that you can choose from.  Any cardio activity that you enjoy and commit to doing on a regular schedule will help lower cholesterol, burn fat, tone your muscles, and increase your life.

Including variety and choosing what you love is the best and most effective way to burn fat.  Do you want more information, or help determining the best workout for you?  Then, schedule a complimentary “Help me Out” call.

What are your thoughts? Share them below, I love your feedback.

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