Lose Weight in 2 Easy Steps (part 1)

It’s still January, yet you are probably asking yourself if you can really reach your healthy and meet your weight loss goals.

You certainly can!  You can truly lose 50+ pounds this year.  It is going to take a little action on your part, but you can do it.

The best part is that there are only two steps that you really need to take for successful weight loss.  They may seem simple, or too easy, but in fact they are the foundation of any weight loss journey.

I myself used these strategies to help reach my weight loss goals.  I lost 120+ pounds using these simple steps.  It took dedication and commitment, but I was able to do it. You can do it too!don't give up train hard image: Oklanica

Each month you will begin to notice the fat melting away.  I was able to lose 10-15 pounds a month with these strategies.

Why do I say 10-15?  Because at my heaviest I was able to lose more weight.  As I got closer to my goal I would lose a bit less each month, but the percentage is what truly mattered.  I was putting in the work and it was showing.

You can use each step on its own to lose weight.  However, if you put them both to use you will be able to lose more weight, lose it at a faster pace, and you will be able more efficiently use the strategies to your benefit.

Step 1 – Add in Regular Exercise

When you take a deep look at your daily activities, you will most likely find that you are quite sedentary.  Being sedentary is one of the top reasons people are overweight, not the only reason, but one of the top reasons.

You may be thinking, that you don’t want to exercise but I am here to tell you it is a must.  When I took time to look at my life I found that I had become quite sedentary.  Sure, I was overweight as a kid too, but that was for other reasons which built up to me becoming sedentary as an adult.

The guilt and hatred I had toward myself for being so fat let me to stay inside more, go out with friends less, and have the least amount of public visibility as possible.  Needless to say, other than going to work I was at home on my bottom watching TV or playing games.

I started with simple exercises and you can too.  When I began my weight loss journey, I did not want to have to put in much effort.  It was supposed to be easy, right?  Well, you have to get the fat-burning fire going before it can work hard for you.

The best advice I can offer you is to find something that you enjoy, or are interested in.  You are going to have to put the work in so why not do something that you can at least tolerate.  I, for one, would definitely procrastinate as much as possible if I didn’t enjoy what I was doing.

***You can find great inspiration from creating your own home gym.  In this free report, I reveal the simplest 5 pieces of exercise equipment that will give you the Ultimate Home Gym in a Box to help you lose 50, 100, even 200 pounds.

I started with standing Pilates because it was a low impact cardio workout and didn’t seem to take much effort on my part.  (I want to warn you, even though it was fun and it didn’t seem to take much effort, I still felt the burn the day after.)

Starting with a cardio style workout will help you burn more calories at a quicker rate and help you lose weight faster.

You may also be one who loves adventure and wants to try something new…go for it!

Here are some simple exercises that you can use to get started today:

image: Justin Liew

  • Weight lifting
  • Running up and down stairs
  • Jumping jacks
  • Running in place
  • Go for a walk
  • Move as much as possible throughout your day

The more you include one, or more, of these activities into your daily routine the quicker you will see results.  You may have a negative thought process around the word, “exercise,” instead think of it as an activity.  Simply thinking about and being more active will help you improve your desire to exercise…excuse me….get more active.

One more thing before I move onto strategy number two.  It is true that strength training builds muscle and building muscle burns more calories.  This does not mean that if you lift weights you will become bulky, nor does it mean that if you only build muscle you will lose significant amounts of weight.  Building the muscle tone will increase your calorie burn throughout your day and during cardio activities, therefore in combination you will lose more weight.

What are your thoughts? Share them below, I love your feedback.

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