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Get a Double Punch of Health with Sleep

Society has created a busy world for everyone. Unfortunately for many this becomes an opportunity for putting in more hours at work, squeezing in family time, and eventually finding excess time for focusing on your health.

This is not how you want to continue your life, because you have most likely gotten out of any healthy routines, if you had any, and put on a few….most likely several extra pounds. Putting in those long hours is not beneficial to your health, nor is it beneficial to your sleep.Putting in those long hours is not beneficial to your health, nor is it beneficial to your sleep

As a busy entrepreneur, mom, or dad, it is easy to lose sleep. It’s not always because you are stressed about the events or because you are worried about what needs to be done. Many times it’s because you put in long days and late hours to make sure everything you need to finish is finished. However, there are also many times that it is a combination of stress, worry, and too many hours working.

Now that you have decided to become healthy, it seems like you are even more tired. I know, I’ve been there and there are days that I still feel that way. Squeezing in exercise, menu planning, timing your water drinking, and all the other get healthy tricks you begin to use will not accomplish anything if you are not getting enough sleep.

Most studies say that you need 8-10 hours of sleep a night. If you are like the millions of others who know this fact, you are only getting about 4-6 (if you are lucky). You may even feel as though you are doing well with that amount of sleep. I am here to say that if you are not getting at least eight hours of sleep you are doing more damage to your health than good.

Those days that you feel good after those 4-6 hours of sleep are because your body is taking extras from other functions. The only way you are going to truly balance your life, lose the excess weight, and keep it off is if you change your sleeping habits.

Dr. James Maas, in his book Power Sleep, actually explains research that proves people used to sleep approximately 10, or more, hours a day. This was prior to 1879, when the light bulb was invented. This is a great book, if you are interested to learn more purchase a copy at your local book store or borrow one from your local library.

Sleep is important to keeping your body functioning at its optimal levels. When you lack sleep your body will begin to crave sweets and fats to help increase your energy levels. When you want to lose weight, these foods are detrimental to your health.

You may try to tell me that if you sleep more you will not get enough done. NOT TRUE! The opposite is actually true. By getting more sleep you will increase your productivity levels during your waking hours.

I like to call sleep a double punch of health. When you get more sleep you will lose weight, plus you will become more productive. Two for one is a great deal.

What are your thoughts? Share them below, I love your feedback.

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