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Two Simple Shortcuts to Eating Healthy

Do you find that it is hard to cook healthy meals every day?

Many busy parents, whether they work from home or are stay at home parents, have the same dilemma.

You may have been sticking to your goals all day long, but at the end of the day you stray because you do not want to cook.

What if I told you there are many simple ways you can still eat healthy, stick to your goals, and not feel overwhelmed even on the busiest days?

There are! Now that you are beginning to drink more water, get more sleep, and move a little bit more doesn’t it make sense that your nutrition should match?

Most of the time what is advertised is that you should avoid frozen foods. This is true most of the time, however, when you do your homework you can use frozen foods to your benefit.

Healthy Vegetables You Can Eat

First, use frozen vegetables. Many times fresh vegetables are hard to add to your diet because they take a lot of prep work. Then, they do not last very long and if you don’t get to them it is wasted money.

Frozen vegetables are getting better and better. You can easily get as many nutrients from frozen vegetables as you can from fresh vegetables. This is because they are flash frozen shortly after they have been harvested. It is very easy to find healthy frozen vegetables than healthy fresh vegetables.

frozen veggies

Think about this…
Unless the vegetables you eat are locally grown, they have to travel in a truck. Sometimes they can be in that truck for at least a day before being sold at the store. The longer and further your vegetables have to travel the more nutritional value they actually lose.

Eating frozen vegetables gives you the opportunity to open a bag of vegetables that are already prepped and still have their nutritional value. They are easy to throw into any meal. I personally love the stir fry blends because they help add a nice color and variety to my meals.

Pre-Prepared Meals Are Not Always Bad

Second, it is okay to eat pre-prepared foods. Sometimes it is thought of as a sin to eat a meal that is already prepared. This is because many are loaded with added sodium and sugars to help preserve them. However, a rotisserie chicken is a much better purchase than that cheeseburger.

You can have a fresh cooked chicken for supper, plus leftovers to use on tomorrows salad or in a soup. Speaking of salad, do not overlook prepackaged salads either. You do have to be picky when you purchase them as you want to ensure their freshness, but they may the perfect meal or side when you are in a hurry.

Along with the salads, there are many companies that wash and prep your vegetables as well. Both prepackaged salads are great finds in the produce aisle. The work is done for you and you can have a fresh meal.

Using prepared, prepackaged, and frozen foods are great shortcuts to continue eating healthy on busy days. When you do decide to use them, use caution and read the ingredient labels. You know much more than you think you do. If the list of ingredients contains more than what you think should be in the food, or they seem to be created in a lab, choose a different item.

You will save a lot of time and struggle sticking to your diet when you wisely use simple shortcuts to eat healthy.

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