How Fit People Stay Fit

Have you ever wondered how fit people stay fit?

I have some great news for you; it is not because they complete long workouts each day. In fact, most fit people do not exercise more than 300 minutes each week. This means that their daily workouts vary.

300 minutes may seem like a lot, but in reality it is only 2.9% of their week. Given that there are 10,080 minutes in a week, 300 minutes is not very many.

This is extremely good news for you, as a busy parent. Since you are reading this, I am guessing that weight is an issue for you and most of the time you feel as though there is not enough time in your day.

There is enough time to get fit and healthy; you simply need to decide what you want.

As I mentioned, most fit people do not put in grueling hours at the gym. Instead what they do is use high intensity workouts (also known as HIIT workouts) to their advantage.

HIIT workouts are fantastic for those of us who do not have much time to exercise 2 hours every day. As a busy parent, I know this is you.

Your time means a lot to you, but so does your health. You can have the best of both worlds.

HIIT workouts do not need to last any more than 30 minutes. You will even get the same fitness benefit from a 30 minute HIIT workout as you would a regular 60 minute workout.

There are a few rules to HIIT workouts:

  • Since they are so intense, it is best that you only use them every other day so that your body has time to fully heal between workouts.
  • They need to be used with other workouts. Relying solely on HIIT workouts will leave you burned out and hating exercise (if you don’t already).
  • Use them when you are short on time.

You can learn more about HIIT workouts by watching this short video which explains what HIIT is and how to effectively use it.

When you first start it is best that you begin with 10-15 minutes and build up from there. Your body will thank you.

Here is a HIIT workout that you can begin using today:

  • Decide on a workout – walking, jogging, or a circuit works best
  • Warm up at a moderate pace for 5 minutes
  • Go as hard or fast as you can for 30 seconds
  • Reduce the intensity for 1 minute
  • Repeat 30 second / 1 minute intervals four more times
  • Cool down for 5 – 10 minutes

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What are your thoughts? Share them below, I love your feedback.

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