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How to Exercise When You Don’t Have Time for the Gym

How many times have you used the excuse, “I don’t have time,” to avoid going to the gym for a workout.

As busy parent it can be tough to get to that gym. Then, once you are there you are too embarrassed and feel out of place. It seems like only fit people go to the gym.

I know, I have been in this very situation. When I did happen to have time, I was too embarrassed by my weight when I was on that treadmill next to a skinny girl running like it is not any effort at all.

Between your busy schedule, your family, and your embarrassment the gym ends up being the last thing on your list…that, “I’ll get to it if I have time,” item that you know you aren’t going to have time to do.

You can save a lot of time and embarrassment by setting up your own home gym.

When you are trying to squeeze workouts into your schedule, it is comforting to know that you have the tools available whenever you need them; instead of having to schedule extra drive time.

Imagine your day…

Are there 2-3 times when you can squeeze in a 5-10 minute workout?

Do you have a break scheduled (you should have if you are trying to control your stress) which will allow you a brief workout?

Do you need an energy boost at a certain time throughout your day?

I am betting that you have answered yes to at least one of these questions.

Create Your Own Home Gym

This would be the perfect time to have a home gym.

Stop worrying, you do not need to purchase huge equipment that is more of a financial burden than a fitness solution.

You can use simple pieces of equipment that hide well. You can put them under your desk and have them at the ready. I will take even more pressure off you; I have created the Ultimate 5 Piece Home Gym in a box.

You can learn the most effective technique for creating your own home gym (which can actually become a traveling gym if you work on the go) that will allow you to lose weight around your busy schedule. I want you to be successful, get your guide here.

Using the Weight Loss Survival Guide: DIY Home Gym and your own creativity you can build a home gym that will allow you to be successful anywhere you are.

Once you have your home gym created place it in a location that is easily accessible. This may be in

  • The corner of your office
  • Under your desk
  • Behind your couch
  • Under your bed
  • In your car
  • Or in the hall closet

Whichever location works best to help you remember to squeeze in little bits of exercise throughout your day.

You can do this! You can successfully reach your goal no matter how chaotic your life seems to be at this moment.

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