Don’t Give Up on Yourself – Give Up the All-or-Nothing Attitude and Begin Seeing Results

How many times have you used one of the following phrases?  Or, something similar.

“OOPS! I ate a huge cheeseburger, I guess I have failed my diet. There is no point in continuing.”

“I am such a failure; I missed my workout today. I am not meant to lose this weight.”

“Well, I guess my streak is broken no sense in continuing now.”

I am willing to bet you have at some point during your life as you are trying to accomplish your goals.

You have great intentions.  You want to change your life for the better.  Unfortunately, society has taught us that you either can or you can’t.

This is horrible for people like us who are trying to make a huge change in our life by giving in to our entrepreneur blood and beginning our own businesses or trying to reach other life goals such as losing weight.  We begin to feel as though we are failures when any small mistake is made.

Yes, most of the time they are small mistakes.

One time is not going to undo everything you have done. The trick is bouncing back and continuing on.

It is very unfortunate that society has put us into the place of failure thinking. It is not your fault that you are stuck with this attitude. However, now that you know you have it, it is time to eliminate it.

Don't Give up on yourself - give up the all or nothing attitude and begin seeing results

The world is not black and white. It is not right or wrong. You do not succeed or fail.

There is a gray area, although most people do not want you knowing this. If you know this then you will be willing to move on in your life and reach all of your goals.

Losing weight is tough. Organizing your life is tough. Reaching your goals is tough.

You are able to achieve it all, though. You can do it one day at a time.

It is time to lose the all-or-nothing attitude once and for all.

It is now time that you take control of your life and allow yourself to make mistakes. Missing one of your workouts is not a failure. You have a busy life and your body gets tired.

Instead of telling yourself there is no point, or that you have failed tell yourself it is okay.

One falter is not going to derail all of your hard work. Allow yourself the opportunity to learn from your failure and determine what you can do to avoid it next time or fix it now.

Maybe you binged on that bag of chips –

  • Make sure you are eating meals on time
  • Make sure you are getting enough food
  • Maybe you simply need to add more crunchy foods to your meals

Did you miss that workout? –

  • Add an extra 5-10 minutes to your next workout
  • Simply continue as planned with your next workout
  • Squeeze in a few squats before you go to bed

There are many things you can do to keep your momentum going.

Whatever you do, DO NOT QUIT!

You are a strong person and know that one small slip is not going to ruin everything. Pick up where you left off and continue on.

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