How to Make Time for Exercise with a Busy Schedule

According to Inc. one of the top goals everyone seems to put on their to-do list is, “get healthy”. This may take on many forms, but the foundation is the same – getting fit so that they can enjoy life.

As an entrepreneur you may already have this on your list too, and if you don’t then you should.

You may not realize it, but daily exercise can increase your productivity and success in your business.

Lowering stress and boosting your energy are just a few of the great benefits exercise has to offer you as an entrepreneur. (Who doesn’t want to live a stress free life and get more done?)

If you have attempted to start a new exercise routine only to find yourself giving up after a few days, you are not alone. Scheduling the time to exercise takes time away from all the things you could be doing to work on your business.

Not really.

It may seem like it at first, but scheduling in exercise will actually help you get more done throughout the day. With more energy and less stress you can stay focused on the tasks you are working on and have the clarity of mind to think creatively.

I am so busy, when can I squeeze exercise into my schedule?

Whenever you will be sure to complete it. For many entrepreneurs it is in the morning before their day gets started and all the excuses for not getting it done start to flow in. Some also do it at night for the same reasons. However, there are those that find lunch breaks work well.

Do it when it works for you.

The reason why it doesn’t seem to fit is because you do not have a good strategy for fitting it into your schedule.

Use these four steps for fitting it into your schedule and making it stick.

1. Exercise everywhere

No matter where you are you can exercise. Exercise is an activity used to sustain better health. That means there are a variety things you can count as exercise[List of things that count as exercise].

If you are sitting in a chair, you can do some chair exercises.

If you don’t have weights and your at home, grab a couple canned goods that weigh the same amount.

If you are in a hotel find the gym or do some simple calisthenics.

Even if you don’t think you can do any weighted exercises, go for a quick walk. Just a five minute walk can clear your head and give you more energy.

2. Make small changes

It is hard to continue a fitness program when you are huffing and puffing, or unable to do that push-up. Instead of trying to complete a long exercise program, or doing 100 push-ups every day, break that goal up into smaller increments.

Especially if you are just getting started, you need to make small changes – one at a time.

Start by scheduling a 10 minute workout or doing 5 push-ups each day.

After you become stronger and you have built up your endurance, make the sessions longer and harder. (A small increase each week goes a long way.)

If putting an exercise routine into your daily schedule still seems overwhelming, try simpler activities.

  • Instead of just brushing your teeth, do squats while you brush them.
  • Every time you are in a parking lot, park a little further away.
  • Or, you can even use the stairs instead of the elevator.

No matter how small the changes, they will add up and you will see a great improvement.

3. Look into convenient workout areas around you

You may be surprised that there is a walking trail near your home with great reviews. You may even find that you have a friend or co-entrepreneur who is trying to get healthy too.

There may be a gym near you that gives a free trial session, or you may find some cheap exercise videos that you can download. You may even find that you have everything you need at home, you just need to download a routine.

If there isn’t anything, or any groups around you then you may even what to try creating one yourself. You could create an entrepreneur walking group. The results could be surprising.

4. Move, move, move

Add more movement to each day. It can be a long exercise routine or a quick 20 squats while you are brushing your teeth. Whatever it is, as long as you are moving you are getting healthier.

The whole goal of adding more exercise to your day is to help you become more productive. Even the smallest amount can do that.

Over time, that amount will become even more as you see how much more you are actually getting accomplished each day. As you see how much more energy you have each day. As you see how much more confidence you have each day.

Just remember to move, move, move.

Fitting exercise into your day is not always easy with your busy schedule, but it will get easier the more you commit to doing it. These four tips will get you started.

What are your thoughts? Share them below, I love your feedback.

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