Weight Loss

5 Easy Ways to Overcome Cravings

I am going to be blunt…weight loss is tough. There is not an easy solution to losing weight; in order to reach any weight loss goal you have to put in the effort.

This is why so many feel disappointment when they do not reach their goals. When you put forth the effort it is devastating when you step on that scale to see that you have not reach your goal, or even worse that you have put on weight instead of taking it off.

One thing that holds many people back are cravings. Craving certain foods is not horrible, however when not handled properly they can lead to weight gain and missed goals.

You may put in the exercise, plan your meals, eat the proper meals, but cravings can lead you to adding in extra foods or eating the wrong foods no matter how much you have planned.

I want you to know, cravings are not the end of the world and there are many things you can do to overcome and beat them.

You can win the craving game.

Find a hobby – Many times the cravings hit when we are bored. Finding something that you enjoy doing will help keep your mind occupied so that it doesn’t have time to think about food. When you feel a craving begin, try doing something fun. I personally enjoy making cards.

Ensure that you are eating enough – If you find that you have a craving shortly after eating, check your meal plan to determine what you are missing. If you crave sweets after eating a meal you may need to add some fruit to your meal to curb the sweet craving. Or, you might need to alter your meal to include more balanced nutrition. Not having a balanced meal can cause you to crave foods because they are missing from your meals.

Don’t skip meals – skipping meals will lead to food cravings that you normally would not have simply because you are hungry. The phrase, “never shop on an empty stomach,” holds merit. When you’re hungry you will be more likely to purchase and eat anything that is quick and easy.

As a second part to this, eating breakfast will help quell many cravings. Skipping breakfast leaves you with more than 8 hours of not eating anything. This means that your body has been expending energy without being replenished. Starting your day with breakfast will allow your body to have its nutrients and fuel replenished.

Avoid junk food– try to keep all junk food out of the house. Having a rule that keeps junk food out of arms reach is great as well.

My family has a rule that junk food stays out of the house, however, we do not avoid it all the time. It can be tough when you go to a party, or are out of the house for an extended time to avoid it at all costs. Not having it in the house allows us to enjoy it when we do have outings or visit friends and family.  

Another option is to keep your junk food at the back of the cupboard. One trick that works really well is having the healthier options in front of the junk food. I know sometimes it can be hard to keep it completely out of the house when the whole family is not on board. Instead, request that it be kept at the back of the cupboard. This is a sneaky trick that will reduce the amount that all members of your family eat.

Give In – There are times when there are not any reasons for your craving. Sometimes they seem to come out of the blue. When a craving strikes, wait about 30 minutes. Find something to distract yourself like calling a friend or going for a walk. If the craving is still there, give in to it. Giving into the craving may be your best option at times. If you wait too long, it will overpower you and you will binge. By giving in you will be able to stick to a single serving and satisfy your craving.

These are just a few of the ways to beat your cravings. Remember that you are a unique person and you may find something different that works for you. Share what you do to beat your cravings in the comments below.

What are your thoughts? Share them below, I love your feedback.

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