5 Keys for Improved Productivity

As a parent entrepreneur, you know there is a ton of information out there about running a business. However, most of it works best for those who are not focused on having more time with their family. Those who do not have a family yet, or have children that are grown up are able to spend a lot more hours on getting things done.

How to Create Habits in 3 Easy Steps

Creating new habits can be scary when you are trying to do it alone. Unfortunately, for many this is how they do it. Everyone has times in their lives where they want to create new habits or change a behavior for the better. As a parent entrepreneur, you most likely encounter this on a regular basis.

You’re Not Lacking Willpower – You’re Lacking A Habit

When beginning a new habit or making a change in your life, it is easy when you first begin.  However, after a few days to a week our so-called “willpower” begins to wear off.

Even if we really hate doing something such as getting up in the morning to run – or taking time to plan our day - we say we can still do it as long as our willpower holds out.  However, once the willpower runs out, we can no longer seem to get ourselves to do that thing.