Meet Jessica


“Thanks a lot for the encouragement.  This a really big step for me and it feels great to know that I can share my feelings with someone who can relate and I’m not in this alone.”  ~Kalima

I am a full-time mom, spouse, and business owner.  I know what it’s like to have an already busy schedule; the last thing I need is something else taking my time away from my family.  That is why I went on a mission to research, explore and utilize many of the weight loss tools and programs available today.  What I discovered was that either they a) took up too much of my already non-existent time or b) they involved ingesting some foreign pill, drink, shake or food item.

Neither of these were good for me if I wanted to lose weight and still uphold my values, priorities and beliefs.

After all my research and exploration I slowly pieced together a weight loss plan that would work with me and my life rather than against.  I figured out the best way to lose weight from the convenience of my own home (or outdoors…no gym involved), eating what I loved, eating when I needed to, saving my body from potentially harmful substances, and living along with my values, beliefs, and priorities.

I am now sharing this with moms all over the world and would love you to be the next to lose 50, 100, or even 200 pounds.

My philosophy about weight loss
»Your past does not determine your future

»You can improve your overall health – FOREVER

»You can achieve your weight loss goals with out any “gimicks,” “fads,” “pills,” or “get thin quick” programs

»What you focus on in life (energy, thoughts, actions) you will create

»Only YOU have the answers to what is right for you

As your coach I will help you

»Define motivating and inspiring goals

»Identify what is really important to you

»Uncover your natural strengths and talents to create what you want in life

»Learn how to identify and overcome obstacles that are getting in your way

»Gain self awareness, self acceptance and self confidence

»Create an energizing balance in your life