How to Get Exercise Done When You Don’t Have Time for the Gym

How many times have you used the excuse, "I don't have time," to avoid going to the gym for a workout. As busy parent it can be tough to get to that gym. Then, once you are there you are too embarrassed and feel out of place. It seems like only fit people go to the gym. I know, I have been in this very situation. When I did happen to have time, I was too embarrassed by my weight when I was on that treadmill next to a skinny girl running like it is not any effort at all.

Did You Know There Was a Day for This?

Every day we use one thing to help keep ourselves organized, accomplish tasks, contact friends, and spend time with our families. However, it is probably the most neglected item in your home.

How Fit People Stay Fit

This is extremely good news for you, as a busy parent. Since you are reading this, I am guessing that weight is an issue for you and most of the time you feel as though there is not enough time in your day. There is enough time to get fit and healthy; you simply need to decide what you want.

5 Easy Steps to Stop Living in Fear and Begin Living in Success

Giving into the fear only gives it more power over you. Instead, you want to take the power away from fear and give it to yourself. Now is the time to overcome fear in five easy steps so that you can begin achieving all of your goals.

The #1 Self-Defeating Trait that Keeps You Struggling to Reach Your Goals

There are hidden traits that everyone has which keep us in a position of not reaching our ideal goals or achieving the success which we desire. I want you to understand that knowing these traits and finding them within yourself is the first step to improving your life. When you know what you are up against, it is always easier to fight the battle.

Wisely Use Your Weekends to Lose More Weight

Stop trying to plan your workouts, menus, and week's activities during the week. Use the week for taking action. Use the weekends to do your planning.

Take Control of Your Stress and Reduce Your Weight

You have the ability to take control of your stress. How you decided to deal with those stressful situations is going to determine the amount of stress that you feel.

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