How to Exercise Without a Gym: 10 exercises you can do to lose weight without going to a gym

When you first start exercising it is important that you start slow and gentle to keep your momentum and positive attitude about exercise. If you injure yourself right away you're more likely to give up.

The Three Must Haves in Your Weight Loss Workout Plan

Every good fitness plan consists of cardiovascular endurance training, strength training, and flexibility training.  Implementing the three of these into your plan will create an extraordinarily balanced and high fat burning plan.  Within the planning of cardio, strength, and flexibility keep the acronym FITT at the top of your mind. Frequency – How often are … Continue reading The Three Must Haves in Your Weight Loss Workout Plan

The Perfect Fitness Routine

Are you considering which exercise routine fits perfectly into your crazy busy schedule? If so, read on to learn the surprising truth. There is not a one size fits all exercise routine, if there was everyone would be fit and healthy. The perfect exercise routine is one that is individualized for you. When designing your … Continue reading The Perfect Fitness Routine